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The Lethbridge Sport Council is coordinating and promoting the 2022 Regional Events for the month of July on behalf of the city of Lethbridge. To find out what events are being hosted and how to register for events in Lethbridge click on our website link below and follow us on Facebook.  

Sport Photography 

Indigenous Games (6-8pm, July 13th)

Horseshoes (6-8pm, July 14th)

Badminton (5-8pm, July 15th)

Golf (July 16th)

Climbing (9-11am, July 17th)

AdaptABLE Outdoors Paddling (July 11th, 18th, 25th)

AdaptABLE Outdoors Free Fishing Weekend (July 2nd-3rd)

AdaptABLE Outdoors Hiking (TBD)

Click HERE to register for City of Lethbridge SASG 2022 Regional Events!

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Want to learn the basic sport skills before attending one of the 2022 Regional Events? 

Do you need a refresher on the sport rules? 

Check below and follow our Facebook page to find out when we will be hosting Give It A Try (GIAT) events during the month of June. GIAT events are 100% free, family-friendly ways to get everyone out to try a new sport in a stress-free environment with qualified instructors! 

Click HERE to register for Give It A Try Events!

GIAT Badminton (June 4th, 9am)

GIAT Golf (postponed indefinitely)

GIAT Disc Golf (June 15th, 6pm)

GIAT Archery (June 16th, 6pm)

GIAT Climbing (June 17th, 6pm)

GIAT Horseshoes (June 23rd, 6pm)

A snapshot from our GIAT Badminton event on June 4th!

Parker Allen

Regional Director

Phone: 780-614-4641